The intersection of data, AI and current events.

Our goal is to empower readers to form their own opinions on breaking news stories, by providing a feed of facts without any partisan spin. Our proprietary technology facilitates factual understanding of things as they happen, leading to improved civil discourse and enabling users to form their own opinions around current events.

The Citable Vision

Citable aggregates important information on current events through proprietary technology– presenting only credible, cited information without any partisan spin.

We believe that in the new internet era, a non-biased, technology-enabled source is needed to empower  people to make their own decisions about the facts of current events.  Today, online engagement has become more important than the facts. To help change this, we at Citable are using our technology to enable a neutral platform for information dissemination, and create a factual archive of events free from editorial and click-bait headlines.

Mainstream news media networks have been notably divided in how they present the news, engaging only with those whose views align with their own, creating an antiquated industry that needs refreshing. Citable’s proprietary technology on offers a novel way to consume the news, ensuring all that is presented are the raw facts, as they happened, with cited sources. Citable’s AI technology and process can be applied to further applications including information gathering and analysis on specific live or archived datasets.

The Citable Process

Our system ingests news from a wide variety of standard sources across the spectrum, both locally and globally.

The Citable data engine parses out key topics and the facts underneath them, recognizing the who, what, when and where of current events.

Our analysis tools provide qualitative data and detect sentiment around overall topics and key persons, companies and concepts.

The results are presented, with full sources and references, in Citable’s web, email, and data feed formats for our subscribers.

Citable enables more intelligent discourse and is ushering in a new era of emerging media to replace the antiquated news distribution systems consumers engage with today.

Our History

Citable was founded by an experienced technology team in Austin, Texas.  The genesis of the idea came from our founder’s experience engaging with the media in his youth. He grew up in a household that listened nightly to Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America”, on the radio. He vividly remembers the inherent change when Cronkite retired and the new voice of the news switched to Dan Rather. News that was once presented in a way so that the listener did not know the political stance of the host they were listening  to, was replaced by a new, explicitly partisan voice. 

There are several parallels in today’s media society where it’s clear which party a news’ anchor is part of and the partisan division that comes with specific outlets. Inspired by Cronkite and the older standard of media presentation, Citable hopes to bring back an era where there are sources for information on current events that can be trusted from all sides of the political spectrum and presented in an impartial manner.

By ingesting data, and layering technology tools to curate, and separate opinion from facts, Citable is able to deliver updates on current events allowing the  reader to decide where they stand on the subjects of the day.

Our Technology

Citable AI
Proprietary artificial intelligence technology created to engage in:


  • Media sentiment analysis – The evaluation of a single article of overall topic’s bias, whether attitude, political spectrum or affinity subjects.
  • Emerging topic discovery, analysis and correlation – Sorting through the noise of the tens of thousands of articles being published daily, to intelligently aggregate the topics and subjects that are being discussed in the media. 
Citable API
Direct connection of our data sources and discoveries into feeds for media companies and data businesses, personalized for your companies goals and objectives.


  • Direct data access – Industry, geography and topic specific feeds of current event recaps, without spin, as they happen.
  • Custom sentiment tools – Visual presentations of sentiment and topic analysis, customized to business specifications.