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A multi-vehicle crash on I-65 killed 10 individuals

A multi-vehicle crash on I-65 killed 10 individuals

Car pileup on I-65 in Alabama killed 10. Fatalities included nine children and an adult.

Where: Butler County, AL

The Facts

▪ On June 19th, a multi-vehicle car crash on Interstate 65 at the 138-mile marker in Alabama claimed the lives of nine children and an adult.

▪ According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), “17 vehicles, including two commercial vehicles, were involved in the crash; seven of the 17 vehicles were ablaze.”

▪ ALEA disclosed the name of two victims, “Cody Fox, 29, of New Hope, Tenn., and his 9-month-old daughter” – others included eight juveniles ages 3-17 traveling in a Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch bus.

▪ Ten officials from the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) and the Alabama Highway Patrol are carrying out a safety investigation into the multi-vehicle crash.

▪ On June 21st, the NTSB tweeted, “NTSB investigation will focus on vehicle technologies such as forward collision warning systems, CMV fuel tank integrity, motor carrier operations, and occupant survivability. NTSB investigators will arrive in the area Sunday evening.”

▪ Adverse weather conditions and heavy rains hit the state over the weekend due to the effects of the Tropical Depression Claudette.

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