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Florida Board of Education to ban Critical Race Theory in public schools

Florida Board of Education to ban Critical Race Theory in public schools

Florida bans critical race theory . Florida Teachers Union criticizes the move.

Where: Tallahassee, FL

The Facts

▪ The Florida State Board of Education, in a unanimous decision, banned critical race theory in public schools in the state.

▪ Approved on Thursday, the amendment states that instruction on required topics must be “factual and objective” and not suppress or distort significant historical events such as the holocaust.

▪ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed that critical race theory taught children that the country is “rotten” and its institutions “illegitimate.” DeSantis added, “That is not worth any taxpayer dollars.”

▪ Florida Teachers Union president, Andrew Spar, tweeted, “Rather than talking about the policy changes necessary to enable all our students to succeed, these politicians create boogeymen and use Florida’s public schools as a political football.”

▪ Ben Frazier, president of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, called the amendment “an effort to whitewash, cover-up and candy-coat history.” He added, “Allow teachers to speak the truth.”

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