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JBSA-Lackland locks down after shots were heard

JBSA-Lackland locks down after shots were heard

Gunshots were reported at Joint Base San Antonio. The Texas Joint Base went into lockdown.

Where: San Antonio, TX

The Facts

▪ Two gunshots were heard outside an Air Force base in San Antonio, TX, at approximately 11.50 am Wednesday.

▪ The base issued an alert asking all the base personnel to go on lockdown.

▪ Joint Base San Antonio tweeted, “Active Shooter warning for all JBSA-Lackland personnel. All base personnel implement LOCKDOWN procedures immediately and take cover. Real World LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN”

▪ The lockdown was lifted after an hour with the exception Valley Hi gate which was close to where the shots were reportedly fired.

▪ The latest JBSA update says there are no reports of any injuries.

▪ The San Antonio Police Department tweeted, “SAPD is assisting Joint Base San Antonio in a reported shooting investigation. At this time, a crime scene has not been located and no persons have been hit. The investigation continues.”

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