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Biden ends infrastructure talks

Biden ends infrastructure talks

Biden broke off talks with Republicans. Biden and Capito unable to reach compromise.

Where: Washington, DC

The Facts

▪ On Tuesday, President Joe Biden broke off talks with Republican Senator Shelley Capito on the infrastructure plan.

▪ The republican lead for the negotiation, Capito, offered $330 billion in spending for infrastructure, far short of Biden’s $1.7 trillion offer.

▪ After breaking off talks with Republicans, Biden started reaching out to Senators from both parties for a bipartisan compromise.

▪ White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said in a statement, “He (Biden) informed Senator Capito today that the latest offer from her group did not, in his view, meet the essential needs of our country.”

▪ In a statement, Capito said, “While I appreciate President Biden’s willingness to devote so much time and effort to these negotiations, he ultimately chose not to accept the very robust and targeted infrastructure package, and instead, end our discussions.”

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