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SB7 introduces new voting rules for Texas

SB7 introduces new voting rules for Texas

Texas voting reforms bill passes in Senate. Senators voted 18-13 in favor of the bill.

Where: Texas

The Facts

▪ The Senate passed the Texas voting reform bill (SB7) on May 30, 2021, after an overnight debate by a majority of 18-13.

▪ Republican Senators introduced the final version of SB7 legislation on Saturday and moved to vote on it.

▪ In the next step, if the House and Senate committee approves the SB7 legislature, it will be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

▪ Senate Bill 7 provides provisions granting additional power to poll watchers, banning drive-through voting, and requiring voters to provide identification to request a mailed ballot.

▪ During the debate, Democratic Senator Borris Miles stated, “You’re making it harder for people of color to cast their vote.”

▪ Republican Senator and the bill author Bryan Hughes responded to allegations implying SB7 will restrict minority voters, “The provisions of this bill apply equally across the board.”

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